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Benefits Rapidly Delivered

Vivasoft is the UK's fastest growing provider of Real Time Tracking and Asset Management Systems and the developer of the world's most cost effective and technically advanced iBeacon Gateway.

Our Solutions

Our Servuces
Solutions Overview

Vivasoft's innovative application software and systems assist our clients rapidly address time consuming and complex operational issues …….

Real Time Tracking

The cost effective real time tracking of assets and lone workers is becoming an increasingly critical function in supporting an organisation's ….

Asset Management

The increase in mobile technologies and with it the inherent potential for loss and,in the case of ICT, security breaches  ….

Critical Communications

A key need of a communication system is to capture the users’ communication requirements (fleetmapping) and then outputting (provisioning)….

Systems Integration

A Vivasoft solution can integrate VivaSoft software and systems with our clients' other operational supporting systems.


Vivasoft Cloud is a financially compelling cost effective solution which delivers


“I wish all our system providers were as quick and as switched on as Vivasoft”


Ready to drill deeper?

If you want to learn how Vivasoft's solutions can support you in rapidly achieving your operational objectives then Vivasoft will be delighted to provide you with a live demonstration. The session will be timeboxed to fit in with your schedule. Your feedback will be greatly valued.

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