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Upgrading to a new Digital Radio or Emergency Services communication system can be an effective way of addressing an organisation's critical communications needs. However, changing to this new system requires capturing the users’ communication requirements (fleetmapping) and then outputting (provisioning) these into the network infrastructure and radio terminals.


Vivasoft has developed an operational Fleetmapping, Subscriber Provisioning and Management solution which significantly increases the speed of this whole process. VivaTrak reduces the time taken from potentially months to minutes. VivaTrak  not only delivers much greater accuracy, speed and flexibility in the application of the new communication system but also a significant increase in the effective and efficient use of resources.





Uniquely, VivaTrak also has a Call Data Records Module which produces user friendly reports detailing Network and Fleetmap performance as well as device or radio usage.

VivaTrak is a powerful and easy to use productivity tool that also significantly reduces the time taken for the complete end to end asset management of communication devices and radios.  The VivaTrak application can be operational very quickly delivering an increase in an organisation's return on their communication system investment.


VivaTrak Mobile (VTM), a Vivasoft App, takes advantage of the increasing use of personal issue mobile devices within an organisation. While replicating the functionality of VivaTrak, VTM also enables users to undertake the asset auditing process, including self-audit, throughout its operation at a local level.

The Vivasoft implementation service includes system installation (if client hosted), data migration and training. A cloud based solution is also offered. Vivasoft can implement VivaTrak within a relatively short time frame with the complete implementation process elapsed time usually measured in days.



The Vivasoft Support Service provides easy telephone and email access to technical support from our application and system support representatives and also helps keep your product up to date with the latest upgrades to the programme functionality.

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