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Why Choose Vivasoft?

Vivasoft is a dynamic international application software and systems integrator rapidly delivering business benefit to organisations across a number of industries. Vivasoft’s world beating, innovative solutions enables companies to transform their performance by helping them rapidly reduce costs and improve operational effectiveness. Vivasoft is the UK's fastest growing provider of Real Time Tracking and Asset Management Systems and the developer of the world's most cost effective and technically advanced iBeacon Gateway. Apart from Vivasoft's world class products and services there are other reasons why organisations choose Vivasoft as their solution provider.

Track Record

With offices in both London and Florida, the Vivasoft client base spans the continents of Europe and North America and includes both public and private sector organisations. The Vivasoft founders and executives have worked together as a team serving the asset management needs of its clients for more than 20 years. Prior to forming Vivasoft, they were formally the owners and senior management team of a world leading professional services organisation which was subsequently acquired by one of the world’s largest service companies. All of Vivasoft's leading edge applications have been developed as a consequence of the many years experience gained by Vivasoft while working in collaboration with a large number of organisations across a number of sectors.

People and Values

Vivasoft has a large and expanding team who support the development, implementation and on-going support of its applications and include consultants who have many years asset management experience.

Underpinning all Vivasoft’s work is the company’s core values, founded in the belief that people are centrally important, whether as customers or colleagues. Vivasoft highly value the principles of professional and personal integrity, honesty, openness and non-status. An attitude of mutual success i.e. Win-Win outcomes when dealing with clients and colleagues alike is core to Vivasoft's success.


Vivasoft's clients tell us they like doing business with us because we are easy to do business with. They like the fact that we do listen and are flexible and pragmatic in responding to their needs. This commitment to putting clients’ needs first and achieving their goals is one of the reasons Vivasoft has been very successful at gaining repeat business.


Vivasoft's innovative application software and systems assist our clients rapidly address time consuming and complex operational issues in the most cost effective manner. Vivasoft's core application VivaTrak and Vivasoft's Real-Time Location System VSRLS deliver a complete end to end mobile asset and workforce management solution.

VSRLS and VivaTrak address the key processes of Issuing & Check Ins, Tracking & Panic Alerts, Servicing, Lost & Found, Auditing and Disposal.


VSRLS takes advantage of the very latest IOT technology. This includes Vivasoft's iBeacons and the Vivasoft Gateway, VSG, the world’s most cost effective and technically advanced iBeacons Gateway - a technology developed by Vivasoft.

VivaTrak also supports an organisation's operation of its critical digital communications network by addressing its Subscriber Management/Fleetmapping, Provisioning and Call Data Records requirements.

VivaTrak Mobile, a Vivasoft App, while replicating the functionality of VivaTrak also enables users to take advantage of their personal issue mobile devices and undertake the asset auditing process throughout their operation at a local level.

Vivasoft offers a cloud based solution, integration with our clients' legacy systems and an implementation service which is usually measured in days.

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