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Vivasoft's core business is the supply and implementation of our own software and systems. However because we are flexible and responsive to our clients' operational needs, Vivasoft offer our clients the opportunity to benefit from other factors which enhance the productivity of their use of our solutions. For example Vivasoft can integrate our software and systems with our clients' other operational supporting systems.

With the implementation of Vivasoft's Real Time Location System (VSRLS) this means Vivasoft can, if the client requires it, integrate an element of VSRLS e.g. the Vivasoft Gateways and iBeacons, with a client's existing in-house legacy asset management system. Conversely Vivasoft can integrate Vivasoft's enterprise asset management system VivaTrak with an element of a client's existing real time tracking system.


Vivasoft can also integrate VivaTrak with other operational supporting  systems. This could include legacy HR, Finance or Facilities Management systems.  Furthermore within a Critical Communications environment this could include specialist systems such as vehicle management or communication device programming tools.


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